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Posts From November, 2016

LM13242 - Part 3: Fixes and Updates

2001 BMW Z3 Coupe in Sterling Gray over BlackWhile it drove 1000+ miles home uneventfully and felt great mechanically, it was a little bit of a mess in other ways when we picked it up. Aside from the aforementioned paintwork, the hatch wouldn't stay open (nor lock), the seats rocked like crazy, the dead pedal was cracked, the headlights were nearly opaque, the door and hatch handle gaskets were disintegrating away, the key fob buttons worked intermittently, most of the bulbs in the 3rd brake light were burnt out, the glove box was hanging, all the roundels were down to bare metal, the seat bolsters were worn, the door panel trim was hanging off, the interior driver door handle came off in my hand, the washer fluid lines were missing, and everything rattled. Oh, and there was still that oil leak. It was definitely a project


LM13242 - Part 2: Daily Driver?

2001 Sterling Gray over Black Z3 Coupe and 2002 Steel Gray over Imola Red M CoupeI work from home, so I don't really have or need a "daily driver", but i really wanted to try to use this coupe as much like one as my lifestyle affords. For years I've recommended Z3 Coupes for people looking for daily drivers, and I needed to validate my recommendations. I pretty much drove it whenever there wasn't snow on the ground and I had one or fewer kids with me. Like all coupes, it made each and every one of the drives more fun.



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