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SOLD on or around May 4, 2018

80,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW Z3 Coupe in Jet Black 2 over Black
  • Exterior Color Jet Black 2
  • Interior Color Black
  • Interior Trim Fine Wood Extended
  • Engine M52
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual

Seller Description

1999 BMW z3 coupe. 80k Miles 5 speed manual 2.8 6cyl
Black leather interior bbs wheels. Airbag light is on. $12k


Fort Collins, CO

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Posted: 5/4/2018 8:47:24 AM by Jon Martin

Sold to Luis. Congrats!

Posted: 4/18/2018 8:03:19 AM by Jon Martin

Added some interior photos

Posted: 3/12/2018 12:53:38 AM by Jon Martin

Back on the market. Same price and mileage. Still a good deal!

Posted: 1/2/2018 6:51:12 AM by Jon Martin

Listings removed; looks like it sold

Posted: 11/16/2017 10:56:00 PM by Jon Martin

I got to check out this coupe in person. It is as advertised. Condition is right for the mileage with a little wear on the driver seat bolster and some road rash on the front bumper. The wheels look good in person, and it sounded great. I still think it's a great deal and wish I had room in my garage.

Posted: 11/16/2017 11:48:50 AM by Jon Martin

It's back with just a few more miles. Price reduced to $12,000 from $14,000 which seems like a great deal to me. I'm hoping I have a chance to check it out in person this time.

Posted: 8/30/2017 2:55:12 PM by Jon Martin

Listing already removed. I didn't even have a chance to contact the owner. I'd love to know who bought it.

Posted: 8/28/2017 12:07:05 AM by Jon Martin

This coupe was for sale back in March. Since it's here in town, I'll try to check it out in person sometime this week. The price seems fair.

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