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SOLD on or around April 27, 2018

83,610 miles

Asking Price: $12,995
2001 BMW Z3 Coupe in Topaz Blue Metallic over Topaz Blue
  • Exterior Color Topaz Blue Metallic
  • Interior Color Topaz Blue
  • Interior Trim Fine Wood
  • Engine M54
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual

Seller Description

Rare, only a few thousand left. 3.0 liter s54 engine M trim. (Not an M coupe). This car is one of the finest track cars BMW ever made and they are shooting up in value. BMW called it the Shooting Brake, fans call it the Clown Shoe, what ever you call it, it goes 149 mph and is stunningly good looking. They are so few that sell in public hands KBB, Hagerty, etc all have incorrect pricing based on trashed ones that went through auctions years ago. There are 13 for sale nationwide and this is the cheapest manual transmission 3.0 in the country. I have old tires but due to age I put 4 new Z rated tires for the lucky next owner of this exquisite machine. Clean car fax, and last 10 years elderly lady driven. All glass is original BMW glass including windshield. Original exhaust. Bone stock. Blue/black leather interior, Harman Sound, original rims, A/C blows cold, Panoramic roof opens. Both original FOBs and all 3 original keys. Do not hesitate as this car will be gone in a jiffy. Email me for more photos, or call if you want a video tour via video chat.


Sarasota, FL

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Posted: 4/27/2018 5:49:55 PM by Jon Martin

Sold for asking price

Posted: 4/10/2018 8:49:24 AM by Jon Martin

It's back but with a big price reduction to $12,995 from $17,995

Posted: 3/15/2018 9:25:36 AM by Jon Martin

Listing removed; looks like it sold

Posted: 3/4/2018 12:02:21 PM by Jon Martin

Price increased to $17,995 from $14,995

Posted: 2/27/2018 8:53:11 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $14,995 from $16,995 which seems like a decent deal now.

Posted: 2/18/2018 11:22:42 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $16,995 from $19,999 which is much better. Also added some very pretty new photos.

Posted: 2/15/2018 11:16:42 AM by Jon Martin

I've never seen so many topaz over topaz coupes available at the same time. This one only has a couple photos, but does appear to be stock as described. 

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