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SOLD on or around January 26, 2019

102,500 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW Z3 Coupe in Boston Green Metallic over E36 Sand Beige
  • Exterior Color Boston Green Metallic
  • Interior Color E36 Sand Beige
  • Interior Trim Aluminum Line
  • Engine M52
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual

Seller Description

Maybe time to let go of my Z3 Coupe I purchased in 9/2003 with 38k miles on it. From the moment I laid eyes on a Z3 Coupe, I knew I needed one ... it reminded me of a modern take on the old MGBGT's I dreamed of owning as a kid. The 2.8 motor, 5 speed trans, and perfectly balanced 50/50 weight distribution makes a shifter cart a more appropriate description though.

Low mileage of 102k for a 20 year old classic. The Z3 Coupe was made from 1998 to 2002 and there were less than 18,000 manufactured (only 44 with my options.) It remains stock other than the H&R lowering kit, Bilsteen shocks and rear camber adjusters. I've kept receipts for the 15 years I have loved and driven this car. I would be sad to see it drive away, so please don't low ball me ... it doesn't "need" to leave the garage it has spent the last 15 years in.

I have included photos of the build sheet options below.


Brea, CA

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Posted: 1/26/2019 8:44:11 AM by Jon Martin

Listing removed; looks like it sold

Posted: 12/12/2018 8:08:51 AM by Jon Martin

It's the first time I've seen this color combo with aluminum trim (I guess that's because there are just two of them). It seems like it's been well taken care of and has a couple good upgrades. The price seems fair for the rare combo and good condition.

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