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125,250 miles

$7,700 BID
2000 BMW Z3 Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Black
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Black
  • Interior Trim Fine Wood
  • Engine M52
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic

Seller Description

this is an as-is no reserve no warranties no returns accepted auction for a 2000 BMW Z3 coupe.  The car is in need of repairs.  Some I discovered are : it does not charge battery. Was told needs alteralter.  Air conditioner not working.  Driver seat does not go down. Radio needs code entered.  Passenger armrest/ door pull broken. I slow charged battery and was able to drive around neighborhood and up to 60 miles per hour.  Engine seems to run well car shifts as it should. Driver's seat moves front to back but will not go down. Paint has some fading, a discolored 2 inch spot on hood, poor quality repair under fuel filler door. Front valence has damage where was driven too close to curb stop. Some interior plastic is damaged or broken. The car is located in Ocala Florida if anyone would like to view it prior to bidding.  Title will need to be transferred out of my name upon purchase.  Please contact me with any questions.  Vehicle is not in as new TurnKey condition as reflected in the price.  $500.00 non-refundable payment due through PayPal within 24 hours of auctions end. Remaining balance to be paid in cash within 48 hours.


Ocala, FL

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Posted: 6/10/2019 10:28:52 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $7,700 and no reserve from $8,200

Posted: 5/31/2019 9:54:00 AM by Jon Martin

It's back at $8,200 and no reserve

Posted: 4/26/2019 8:54:12 AM by Jon Martin

Sold to a high bid of $8,200

Posted: 4/23/2019 10:32:30 PM by Jon Martin

It's back at $8,200 and no reserve

Posted: 2/5/2019 9:25:26 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $9,999 from $11,000

Posted: 2/1/2019 10:03:27 AM by Jon Martin

It has a lot of issues, but it's nice that the seller points them out. All of them are pretty easily fixable but will cost some money. The price is optimistic for the current condition.

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