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SOLD on or around February 28, 2019

220,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW Z3 Coupe in Cosmos Black Metallic over Black
  • Exterior Color Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Interior Color Black
  • Interior Trim Fine Wood
  • Engine M52
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic

Seller Description

I'm putting my much beloved Z3 coupe up for sale to its next steward. Selling as I'm now in a manual 911 and can't have two sports cars. I'm a former BMW mechanic and present engineer, so this one has been mechanically looked after despite its high miles.

Cosmos black/black
M52TU dual vanos
220k miles
6-speed manual
Berkeley, CA

The high level:
The car was originally an automatic up until 197k miles, which means it had no subframe cracking issues from hard 1-2 shifts. It was swapped, properly coded, and everything works as new but with an additional gear as I used the box and clutch from the e46 M3. The driveshaft and shift components are all OEM and shortened to fit the 6 speed. The carrier for the transmission is an OEM euro M3 6 speed mount. All suspension bushings have been gone through, with the exception of RTABs as they looked totally fine. It's using M3 front control arms, bushings, and '95 M3 upper strut bearings (more caster) for an OEM+ ride and drive. Subframe bushings are ireland engineering greens, and the rear diff mount is OEM and was replaced at the same time as swapping in a 3.46:1 torsen LSD. All stock wherever possible and maintenance is very much up to date. It comes with three keys and a functioning lock/unlock fob. Everything works. It has high miles - the paint is that of a high mileage car.

The extra goodies:
The driver's seat was in bad shape and I'm a tall guy (6'3") so I designed and made my own seat brackets to allow me to fit a recaro SPG XL with a helmet! I never got around to taking it to any track days, just canyons for this guy, but I'll include a brand new set of track pads with. The steering column has been lowered a bit (very easy to reverse) which is commensurate with the lower seat. I'll also include the roof rack and one bike mount if you so desire it.

All the little things have been done to really make this thing great. Hatch harness is all good/repaired, felted all the squeaks, added an LED third brake light that flashes under emergency braking, mason engineering clutch pedal, euro under dash panels, bluetooth kit for the OEM CD deck, even down to the BMW branded USB cigarette lighter plug.

Up next:
The dashboard still squeaks on really rough roads. The steering wheel needs recovering. The driver's door seal could use replacing

I really want this to go to a good home to someone who will enjoy it, so I'm listing it here first.

My running list of things I've replaced or repaired:
- [x] 215k oil change + oil pan gasket
- [x] 120A Bosch alternator
- [x] Bead sealant on spare tire
- [x] Rear brake wear sensor
- [x] Front and rear sway bar bushings and links, drilled rear sway to stop bushing walk
- [x] Wiper blades
- [x] Vanos seals
- [x] Valve cover gaskets
- [x] Motor mounts
- [x] Bluetooth stereo adapter + new volume knob
- [x] Pressure washed engine and under body
- [x] Seat foam thigh support
- [x] Lowered steering column ~1"
- [x] Tires Michelin PS4S
- [x] Diff mount
- [x] 3.46:1 diff
- [x] Strut brace
- [x] Drivers side mirror glass
- [x] Oil change Mobil 1 0w40
- [x] Drivers door lock cylinder re-key to match
- [x] Lube window tracks/replace sliders
- [x] Replace door clips
- [x] Subframe mounts IE urethane
- [x] Trunk latch
- [x] LDP pump
- [x] M3 '96+ control arms and bushings
- [x] Tie rods
- [x] Bimmerworld camber shim kit
- [x] Alignment (-1.25 deg camber, 6.4 deg caster)
- [x] Secondary air hose
- [x] Tires kumho v720
- [x] Mason Engineering brake pedal
- [x] Hatch wiring harness repair
- [x] Spark plugs
- [x] Air filter
- [x] Ebrake boot
- [x] Manual conversion, six speed
- [x] Rear main seal
- [x] Shorten shifter 89mm
- [x] Custom driveshaft
- [x] Bump stops front
- [x] M3 '95 strut mounts
- [x] Transmission input shaft seal
- [x] Third brake light
- [x] Fuel pump
- [x] Front tweeters
- [x] Euro glove box
- [x] Aluminum radiator zionsville
- [x] Drivers seat Recaro SPG XL
- [x] Fuel filter and lines
- [x] Cooling system overhaul, incl hard plastic lines
- [x] Oil filter housing gasket
- [x] Brake wear light, shorted rear sensor
- [x] Side roundels 51141970248
- [x] Front/rear roundels
- [x] Drivers door airbag clip
- [x] Front right turn signal
- [x] Light switch cover
- [x] Dash cowl
- [x] Hatch hinge covers
- [x] Outside door handles and gaskets
- [x] Seat bushings
- [x] Seat tilt mod
- [x] Order 2 new keys from dealer
- [x] Keyless fob
- [x] Floor mats
- [x] Antenna mast
- [x] SRS light fix
- [x] Trunk struts
- [x] Rear wiper blade
- [x] Wheel roundels
- [x] Vent knob light (2x) 61138353797


San Jose, CA

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Posted: 5/14/2019 8:52:47 AM by Jon Martin

Just posted that this sold a couple months ago.

Posted: 2/14/2019 1:20:07 PM by Jon Martin

It has a lot of miles, but a ton of maintenance. It may be the first 6-speed manual I've seen in a 2.8 coupe before too. The price seems very fair given all the work that has been done.

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