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SOLD on or around October 18, 2020

129,000 miles

Asking Price: $12,950
1999 BMW Z3 Coupe in Jet Black 2 over Black
  • Exterior Color Jet Black 2
  • Interior Color Black
  • Interior Trim Fine Wood Extended
  • Engine M52
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual

Seller Description

Very RARE 1999 BMW Z3 Coupe, finished in Jet Black with a black leather interior. 2,071 units of the Z3 coupe were sold by BMW in North America from 1999 to the 2002 model years, and only 209 of them were ordered in Jet Black with a black interior.

This Coupe's wheels are staggered 19" Ronan wheels, specially produced for Alpina, fitted with low profile Pirelli tires. This sale includes the original 16" chrome wheels, with slightly used Continental tires

This Z3 has received numerous modifications, including a Bilstein and Eibach tuned suspension, a cold-air intake, an Alpine CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, and hands-free calling. The full list of modifications is below.

Since buying the car in 2017, this seller replaced a long list of parts, which includes extensive work on the clutch, the slave cylinder, the flywheel, and bushings. Images of the receipts and work performed can be reviewed upon request.

This Z3 is powered by an "M52" 2.8-liter straight-6 engine, which produces 193 horsepower and 206 lb-ft of torque. Lighter than earlier engines thanks to the use of aluminum, the "M52" engine spins the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission.

Original Alpina wheels
Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit suspension
Eibach springs
Heavy-duty rubber shock mounts
Heavy-duty reinforcement plates
10-millimeter H&R front-wheel spacers
20-millimeter H&R rear-wheel spacers
aFe cold-air intake (Original intake system included with sale)
Daytime LED headlights (Original headlights included with sale)
Aftermarket Alpine CD player (Original Radio/CD player is included in sale)
Bluetooth connectivity
Upgraded speakers

*Videos are available upon request.


Mission Viejo, CA

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Posted: 10/18/2020 3:44:22 PM by Jon Martin

Sold to David. Congrats!

Posted: 9/25/2020 11:11:38 PM by Jon Martin

Now on AutoTrader and priced at $14,850. The new Alpina wheels look pretty cool.

Posted: 8/30/2020 10:00:36 PM by Jon Martin

Reserve not met at $10,350, but it seems like it should have.

Posted: 8/27/2020 11:48:57 AM by Jon Martin

Bidding up to $6,050 with less than an hour left

Posted: 8/26/2020 8:19:04 AM by Jon Martin

Bidding up to $5,750

Posted: 8/24/2020 3:22:57 PM by Jon Martin

As mentioned, we last saw this coupe back in 2017. I still don't love the chrome wheels and they've also added aftermarket headlights and some other modifications. It does have some service history though. Bidding is at $5,223 so far.

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