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SOLD on or around June 13, 2022

116,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2001 BMW Z3 Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Black
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Black
  • Interior Trim Chrome Line
  • Engine M54
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual

Seller Description

Up for sale is a 2001 Z3 Coupe. 1 of 58 made in this configuration, with the M54 engine and M Sport Seats. Designed and built in Spartanburg, SC. Only 116k on the odometer.

It has the proper Manual Transmission which is very smooth. All of the normal BMW repairs have been done - water pump, radiator, DISA valve, Breather system (CCV), Intake hoses , VANOS rebuilt, Fluids so on.

The previous owner put a high dollar stereo in it. It has two Alpine amps and a sub. It's all in the rear hatch area. Suspension - has JC Klein Coil Overs and Shocks which are fully adjustable. 75% Conti DWS06 tires. PowerFlex poly bushings front and rear. Front and Rear camber kit.

The biggest issue with the car is it is running rich. I don't have the tools or resources to investigate and repair it currently. so I've dropped the price to reflect the cost of repairs and then some. Will consider reasonable offers.

Car is located in Greenville, SC

VIN Decode INFO:
General Information:
VIN: WBACK73421LJ15209
Year: 2001
Exterior Color: Titanium Silver Metallic
Interior Color: Black
Interior Trim: Chrome Line
Production Date: October 8, 2000
Approximate Order Produced: 1332
Engine: M54
Transmission: 5-speed Manual

Aftermarket Upgrades:
- 2x Alpine Amplifiers
- 4x Crossovers
- Infinity Subwoofer
- Custom Fiberglass Wheel-Well Subwoofer Box
- Subwoofer Capacitor
- Fusebox for both amplifiers
- Alpine Bluetooth Head Unit
- TC Kline Racing Custom Suspension (front and rear, adjustable)
- Powerflex Bushings all the way around (Diff Mount is stock OEM Rubber Mount)
- Rear Camber Adjusters
- Metal Impeller Water Pump
- Walbro 255 Fuel Pump (in case you want to turbo it)
- Full Aluminum Radiator (no plastic reservoir and barbs like OEM)
- SPAL Electric Radiator Fan
- Custom Center Console Armrest (Leather)
- Seat Tilt Kit
- M-Series Front Strut Reinforcement Plates
- Thule Roof Rack

Known Issues:
- Currently showing 2 engine codes P0172/P0175, which means its running rich on both banks
- In 2019, there were minor (1/8 – ¼ inch) cracks in the front strut towers due to the stiffened suspension. Installed the strut reinforcement plates the OEM M-version Z3 coupe uses, welded cracks shut, and repainted (that is the red and black paint you see). Have had no issues in the 15,000 miles since repair.
- Occasional SRS code indicating seat sensor, seatbelt sensor, or wiring harness need replacement
- Passenger door lock cylinder spins freely and sometimes does not engage lock mechanism
- One foglight lens is cracked (same lenses as the Z3 Roadster)

Accident History:
- Previous owner dented rear tailgate and bumper, low speed in driveway with his jeep. No mechanical damage
- I rolled low speed at a stop sign into the car in front of me denting passenger side headlamp, hood, and front bumper. No mechanical damage
- I pulled out into traffic and tapped the car in front of me at 5-10mph. No damage to the Z3 .
- While parked on the street, a sedan delivering Uber Eats grazed the driver side door leaving 2-3 shallow dents. No mechanical damage.

Extras/Spare Parts:
- Complete set of new in box rotors and brakes for front and rear
- Spare set of Koni shocks (front and rear, need rebuild)
- Second set of rear suspension springs (500# are on the car, spare set is 550#)
- 2x new in box Bosch oxygen sensors
- Misc spare parts (exhaust manifold gasket, indicator lights, etc)
- Spare used driver side headlight assembly
- Conforti Conical air filter

I’ve taken good mechanical care of this car, but have to let it go as I look to start another business this year and purchase my first home. I’m looking for someone to pass the torch to who can give it some TLC, keep it in good condition, and enjoy it.

I appear to be the 3rd owner, and I ought it with 55,000 miles. It currently sits at 116,000.
Happy to answer any and all questions , and bring it by for a test drive.

You will not have any problems finding parts for this car, as everything in the drivetrain and from the dash, forward is shared with the Z3 Roadster.

Maintenance History


• Replaced the water pump
• Replaced accessory belts
• Replaced fuel filter
• Replaced spark plugs
• Brake flush
• New Air Filter

• Oil Service
• Replaced crank case vent valve + 4 hoses

• Replaced driver' side window regulator & motor
• Reinforced regulator-to-door mounting point
• Removed passenger seat to inspect SRS wiring harness. Reseated all connectors
• Seat tilt kit for both seats

• Rear subframe Bushings - Powerflex
• Rear trailing arm bushings - Powerflex
• Rear camber kit
• Front control arm bushings - Powerflex
• Alignment
• Valve Cover Gasket + grommets
• Oil Filter Housing Gasket
• VANOS oil line + crush washers
• Hose clamp on PS hose
• Reseated washer fluid hose connections at firewall
• Repaired wiring loom in rear hatch
• Removed subwoofer box + wired new sub
• Repaired interior in rear hatch area
• Oil Service

• Conforti CAI
• New air filter
• Coolant return line
• suspension inspection

- Rebuilt DISA
- New DISA gasket

• Diff fluid
• Trans fluid
• Replaced Right rear a-bolt brackets
• Rear Shocks

- New VANOS o-rings and gasket
- New Valve Cover Gasket

- New front struts
- Intake manifold gasket
- Replaced most vacuum hoses
- New DISA (runner) valve
- New ICV + gasket
- New throttle body gasket

- New MAF
- New spark plugs
- New coolant reservoir and to/from hoses
- Welded minor cracks in front strut towers
- Installed strut tower reinforcement plates

- Reinstalled intake manifold gasket
- New CCV (cold weather)
- New E-box fuse (position 2) (old one blew)
- New cam shaft position sensors
- New Dual-Temp sensor (under intake manifold)

- Replaced stock airbox
- New Air filter
- New IAT sensor

- New fuel filter and hoses
- New Valve Cover Gasket
- New fuel pump (Walbro 255)

• New MAF
• Scanned for DSC codes: periodically occurring fault of power <9V

• Replaced Air fIlter Housing gasket
• Alignment
• Adjustable rear spring perches added


Greenville, SC

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Posted: 6/13/2022 7:21:00 AM by Jon Martin


Posted: 6/7/2022 11:44:15 AM by Jon Martin

Great listing with tons of maintenance history. The TC Klines are worth over 15% of the total price. This would be a agreat driver and a great deal.

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