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SOLD on or around April 7, 2019

149,077 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW Z3 Coupe in Jet Black 2 over Extended Black
  • Exterior Color Jet Black 2
  • Interior Color Extended Black
  • Interior Trim Aluminum Line
  • Engine M52
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic

Seller Description

6-Cyl. 2.8L, Automatic Coupe, Clean Title,(VERY RARE CAR) Clean Carfax, California car, the vehicle has been serviced and smog checked, we do the DMV work for you right away, financing available, credit union members welcome, major credit cards accepted, trade-in welcome,


Auto Wholesale Outlet
North Hollywood, CA

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Posted: 4/7/2019 8:48:13 AM by Jon Martin

It finally sold!

Posted: 1/28/2019 8:46:32 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $6,995 from $8,995 which must be starting to tempt some people now.

Posted: 3/15/2017 12:13:12 PM by Jon Martin

A few first-person thoughts from Simon:

Initial impression was that this car has been parked in the front of this mini dealership for quite some time and the hot climate has baked the car, though the paint still looked good. I think this car had been modified from a previous owner, as it looks like there were HID type ballasts in the engine bay (without a projector beam light?!), and the exhaust looked like an aftermarket though it wasnt loud at all. Car drove quite well though and I was expecting it to be a little sluggish with the M52/ 4 speed auto combo, but it felt pretty good, pulled impressively. Bodywise it wasnt bad, and a good polish could make the car look special, especially with a different set of wheels. I did see a ding on the c-pillar but didnt notice any other obvious issues. VIN tags matched all the way around too, so thats a plus.

Interior overall was pretty good, I liked the aluminum trim, but the indicator on the auto lever didnt line up and made me suspicious. Aftermarket headunit wasnt bad and had USB connection as well as a bluetooth mic. Glovebox wasnt messed up as I expected, though the seat did slide forward on a hard braking manuever. The extended leather on the dash looked loose and it has started to curl (typical E36-like symptoms?), so that was a big bummer and the biggest eyesore for me being inside the car. A/C was pretty cold, switches inside looked good overall. Other than that I only noticed some loose clips on the inside hatch cover that came off when I closed the lid.

Posted: 5/16/2016 8:46:20 PM by Jon Martin

It has extended leather and aluminum trim which is very cool. It seems to be mostly stock besides the wheels. It looks pretty decent for the high mileage. It does have the 4-speed automatic though. The price seems fair.

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