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In conclusion, and in short, I really, really like this coupe. I felt that for every day tasks, the non-M Z3 Coupe actually brought me more enjoyment than comparable ///Ms. I usually don't take my S54 M Coupe on too many errand runs aside from the first week out of winter hibernation when I can't keep from driving it. Part of it is wanting to protect it, but it is more so that it just feels out of it's element. The S54 loves to be revved, and never feels happy running around town and sitting at stop lights. For me, and my typical usage, It's more of a Point A back to Point A car.

In comparison, the Z3 Coupe 3.0 always seems happy to go anywhere. Want to drive down the traffic choked highway? Yay! Want to park in a front spot at Walmart? Yay! How about a drive in the pouring rain? Yay! It was happy to go anywhere at any time. Where it doesn't differ from the M Coupe driving experience though is the sense of occasion. It made every mundane trip something to look forward to. It still turned heads, fellow car enthusiasts still recognized it and followed me through town, and I still had a perma-grin on my face everywhere I drove it.

It also acquits itself quite well in the twisty stuff. I took it on several enthusiast drives through the local mountains and canyons just to see how it would do. While it may not scream out of the corners quite like my M Coupe, on back roads it keeps up well and is nearly as fun. On several of the large Dorkfest group drives, I've gotten to see the 3.0s true potential in the hands of skilled drivers. I know I didn't even approach it's full capability.

Would I sell my S54 for a 3.0 M54? Well, no. It's really about having the right tool for the job though. I work from home, and my coupe serves as a fun weekend car. For pure, recreational fun, it doesn't get any better than an S54 M Coupe. If you're looking for a coupe to drive anywhere and everywhere and have fun doing it; I'm more convinced than ever that a 3.0 Coupe fills the role better than anything. Also, while S54 prices have skyrocketed the past few years, the 3.0 coupes are arguably one of the best values on the market today. Where else can you find an easy to maintain car that's efficient, practical and exotic for well under $20k?

We bought it nearly a year ago, so this wasn't the quickest project. That was more due to the fact that I loved it and have been in no hurry whatsoever to let it go. I initially had a conservative goal of keeping the mileage under 50k. Well, I apparently lacked self control and missed that mark by a bit. Oops. I detailed and covered it in my garage a couple weeks ago just so I could separate myself from it. I just hope the next owner will enjoy it half as much as I have. Click here for the Sales Listing.


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