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SOLD on or around June 2, 2021

54,800 miles

Asking Price: $22,499
2001 BMW Z3 Coupe in Cosmos Black Metallic over E36 Sand Beige
  • Exterior Color Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Interior Color E36 Sand Beige
  • Interior Trim Chrome Line
  • Engine M54
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual

Seller Description

Selling my 2001 Z3 Coupe 3.0i 5 speed to make room for other cars and projects.
Contact information: call/text Andrew @ (443)66EIGHT-799ONE or via facebook messenger.
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Price: $25,000 or best offer
Title: Clean
Mileage: 54,8XX
VIN: WBACK73491LJ15191
Year: 2001
Engine: M54B30
Trans: 5 Speed Manual
Color Combo: Cosmos Black Metallic over Sand Beige with Silver Line Trim
Options: Sunroof, heated seats, harmon kardon, fog lights, business CD radio
Production Stats: 1 of 26
# of owners: 4 (3 in reality - see description)
Dropbox Link to photos and videos of vehicle (~300 photos & ~8 minutes of video):
Originally leased in 2001 to a Maryland owner who put 38,659 miles on it across 3 years and 1 month of ownership. It was then sold to its second owner in VA who kept it for the next 13 years putting under 10,000 miles on it. That's just over 700 miles a year. That owner passed away in 2017 or 2018 when I purchased it from an estate sale. The person representing the car for the estate signed the title over to himself so I am technically the 4th owner. I believe that to be the case but not 100% sure, I may be the 3rd owner, the newest carfax should clear that up if you choose to run it. The carfax I pulled prior to purchasing only shows the 2 previous owners (car fax included in album). Only mentioning this for the sake of transparency.
I bought the vehicle in 2018 with 48,5XX miles on it. Today, in 2021 it sits in my garage with just over 54,800 miles. I, as well as the second owner, had the car exclusively garage kept and never driven in the snow. And it shows. The car is in excellent shape mechanically and cosmetically. The exterior gaskets are pristine. There is no 5th gear lean. The underside is almost flawless. The paint is in great condition. The seats have minimal wear and no leather cracking. I had it professionally detailed and asked for any necessary paint correction shortly after my purchase and was told by Encore Detailing in Owings Mills it needed no paint correction.
I have included a video walk around of the vehicle on and off the lift (and also a short one after a wash) in my linked album in addition to an extensive collection of photos showing all aspects of the car (over 300 photos). This z3 coupe engine and transmission is incredibly tight and responsive compared to the higher mileaged e46s that share the same engine which I also own. The ride itself is quiet, smooth, and free of any sort of squeaks or rattles when compared to my 112k mile m coupe. 
I am a professional mechanic by trade and have personally performed all of the services on this vehicle during my ownership. On May 5th, it received a fresh oil change (with oil service indicator reset), another brake flush (every 2 years w/ DOT 4 fluid) including bleeding the clutch slave cylinder, and 4 new tires mounted and balanced. I replaced the upper and lower intake boots upon purchase of the vehicle. I have changed the oil every six months regardless of mileage. I also change the engine air filter, the o-rings on the dipstick, as well as the small o rings on the oil filter housing cap itself during each oil service. I always drain the oil from the pan drain plug, I do not suck the oil out.  The water pump was replaced prior to my purchase and I have since replaced the coolant with blue BMW coolant (on 3 year intervals). The rear hatch struts were replaced recently as well. Additionally I take great care keep the car in good working order by always lubricating the door, hood and trunk latches, vacuuming the carpet when used, and keeping it on a battery maintainer when not being used. I start and run the car as often as possible to keep it in fresh and will take it out to row through the gears when the weather permits. The vehicle tracks straight and is perfectly smooth at highway speeds and above.
It passed emissions at the end of April this year as well. There is zero rust and zero leaks what so ever on this z3 coupe. It is as turnkey as they come and is ready to be driven and will pass inspection with no issues.
The interior is in exceptionally good shape. The drivers seat shows very little wear, the glovebox does not sag, the headliner and pillars show zero sagging whatsoever, the dashboard and center console area are very clean. The passenger side net is not stretched out at all. The extendable grocery cover shows no fraying along the edges as is common on these cars. All dials and indicators work. The sunroof and windows function as well. The windows are a little slow and occasionally will activate the pinch protection halfway up. 
The exterior is in excellent shape due to the vehicle being garage kept the majority of its life. The cosmos black metallic paint looks incredible in the sun with the metallic flakes. All glass bears the BMW emblem and is original. All VIN plates match on the body and the engine and transmission. I had one of the Style 42 rims refinished due to damage on the lip prior to my ownership. There is a small door ding on the drivers side that is almost not visible.
Mechanically, the car is in excellent shape as well. The tires are brand new with under 100 miles on them. The brakes measure at 10mm in the front and 8mm in the rear. As mentioned above, it has fresh oil, brake fluid, filters, and coolant. Visually inspecting the underside of the vehicle shows no leaks and all bushings in good shape. Exhaust shields are clean, all rubber lines are supple and pliable be it fuel, steering, brake, clutch, EVAP, or vacuum lines. Hard brake lines have no corrosion on them. The exhaust downpipe nuts for example have minimal rusting and could be removed with a simple ratchet, speaking volumes to the way the vehicle was garage kept and not driven in inclement weather (see photos). The rear springs have OEM tags still pliable and intact. The exhaust hangers show no cracking and are still preloaded correctly. The transmission is almost spotless. The motor mounts are beginning to show cracking in the outermost layer of rubber but no abnormal vibrations can be felt through the chassis. All four struts/shocks are functioning and not leaking hydraulic oil. The long term fuel trims are within +/-2% and all readiness codes have been set. 
No corrosion can be seen on the underside of the vehicle. The rear differential mounting point is fully intact and no spot welds have popped anywhere along the rear end and do not show any sign of being compromised. 
The A/C blows cold. I have two keys, the owner's manual booklet, the radio code, a fully intact took kit, complete with OEM instructions on how to properly jump the vehicle. This car is in extremely good condition all around, is a joy to drive, and I would not hesitate to take it on out of state trips.


Baltimore, MD

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Posted: 6/2/2021 10:07:29 AM by Jon Martin

Sold to Scott. Congrats!

Posted: 5/20/2021 1:55:22 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $22,499 from $25,000

Posted: 5/9/2021 10:31:47 PM by Jon Martin

It looks really nice and mostly stock. There aren't too many cosmos black 3.0s either. The price seems ok.

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