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SOLD on or around April 26, 2023

184,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW Z3 Coupe in Arctic Silver Metallic over Tanin Red
  • Exterior Color Arctic Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Tanin Red
  • Interior Trim Fine Wood Extended
  • Engine M52
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic

Seller Description

I am selling my Arctic Silver over Tanin Red 1999 Z3 Coupe 2.8 with AT. VIN LG12134, 184XXX miles. I acquired the car in February 2021 and have carefully restored it to as high a level as realistically possible. With the replacement of nearly all perishable plastic and rubber parts along with some tasteful upgrades, I believe it drives close to a factory fresh car. The Carfax report shows a front end accident very early in the car’s life. I had the front bumper cover removed during my refurbishment and it appears that damage was limited to a crack in the front bumper cover and likely loss of the front underpanel as it was missing when I acquired the car. The bumper cover was repaired and repainted and a new OE underpanel was installed. After I installed the new suspension, I had the car aligned and there was no issue of the body being bent. The subframe has been inspected and is in good condition. AKG black polyurethane subframe bushings are installed so the trunk floor should be well protected from here on. Compression on all six cylinders is good, 180-200 psi. The Dual Vanos system was entirely replaced with a refurbished unit from DrVanos. I have added a factory original On Board Computer and seat heaters with period correct factory switches. Other interior upgrades include LeatherZ Mark II armrest and door armrests, floor and trunk mats by CocoMats, a Continental VDO Bluetooth headunit, and I have wrapped the center console stack with 3M vinyl and replaced the wood hockey sticks with factory leather pieces. The wood trim shift lever was replaced with a OE black unit. Passenger side door handle has been replaced. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4S and have less than 5000 miles on them. The air conditioning blows cold. The sunroof operates normally (kinematics repair kit is included just in case along with a functional sunshade). The aftermarket lights that came with the car have been replaced with OE amber units and headlight bulbs are upgraded with VLEDS LED units (high and low beam). The high brake light was replaced with LEDs. Seats have been reupholstered and the bolsters show no wear.

I have had a lot of fun bringing this car back to its potential. Really no expense was spared while restoring it and the price essentially reflects my out of pocket costs.


Refurbishment projects completed since February 2021.

  • Cooling system replacement
  • water pump
  • belts
  • thermostat /cover
  • upper and lower radiator hoses
  • water pump
  • water pump pulley
  • both tensioners
  • expansion tank and cap
  • thin coolant return line
  • Prior service records show that the radiator was replaced in 2016
  • Other engine /driveline service
  • Valve cover gasket (Rein)
  • spark plugs (NGK)
  • Dual Vanos unit replaced (DrVanos). Engine retimed
  • Compression test performed; all cylinders within spec
  • timing chain tensioner
  • Mechanical fan delete
  • DISA valve replaced
  • CCV replaced
  • SAP hose replaced
  • Bank 2 exhaust oxygen sensor replaced
  • motor mounts (Corteco)
  • transmission mounts (Lemforder)
  • giubo - Meyle
  • center support bearing - Rein
  • oil and filter – Castrol Edge, Mahle
  • oil filter housing gasket replaced
  • Fuel filter replaced - Mahle
  • New diff gasket and fluid - Mobil 1 75W090
  • AT filter replaced, fluid pan gaskets replaced and fluid drained and refilled (Liqui Moly TopTech)
  • New engine air filter – Mahle
  • Suspension / Steering refurbishment
  • Subframe removed and repainted
  • Subframe bushings (AKG Black)
  • diff mount bushing (AKG Blue)
  • RTABs – Lemforder
  • Rear sway links -Lemforder
  • Rear sway bushings -Lemforder
  • Rear shock mounts – Ireland Engineering reverse mount with reinforcement plates
  • Koni Sport Yellow with OE BMW springs and new spring pads
  • Lemforder front control arms, front sway links, strut mounts
  • AKG Black FLCAB
  • New front tie rods and boots - Lemforder
  • New PS fluid reservoir, PS fluid flush
  • New PS hoses
  • New throttle cable grommet
  • New Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4S in factory 225 / 245 stagger
  • Brakes
  • Calipers rebuilt and painted
  • PBR Ceramic pads
  • Bav Auto braided stainless steel lines
  • ATE TY200 DOT 4 fluid
  • New parking brake shoes and hardware.
  • OE Zimmerman rotors from my 1997 2.8 roadster installed (car had less then 35k miles when it was wrecked).
  • New brake pad wear sensors
  • ASC module repaired / resoldered (Module Masters)
  • Body repairs / Interior
  • Front bumper cover repaired and repainted.
  • Driver window regulator and center mount were damaged and rebuilt. New sliders installed.
  • New exterior door handle trim gaskets
  • New driver door sill ‘coupe’ plaque
  • Leather Z Mark II armrest
  • Leather Z door armrests
  • Center console vinyl wrapped - 3M
  • OE black leather hockey sticks
  • OE black AT shift knob
  • Exterior door handles returned to black
  • Doug Whalen billet aluminum hood pull handle
  • Passenger interior door handle replaced - new OE
  • All interior ‘Airbag’ trim plates replaced
  • New lower intake grille
  • New kidney grilles
  • New plastic front underpanel
  • All body and wheel roundels replaced with OE parts
  • Hood chips repainted with Dr Colorchip
  • Car and wheels are ceramic coated (Gyeon)
  • Roadster Solutions rear stoneguards
  • OE exhaust pipe finishers installed
  • Aftermarket headlights replaced with OE amber units with VLEDS LED bulbs.
  • LED third brake light upgrade
  • Spare tire delete.
  • Glove box sag repaired
  • Seat bushings replaced.
  • SRS fault repaired (driver’s seat belt tensioner)
  • New OE rear aero ducts
  • New fog lamps
  • Rear hatch wiring loom repaired
  • Trunk latch actuator repaired
  • New wiper blades (Bosch Icon)
  • New stereo headunit – Continental with Bluetooth
  • Seat heaters installed
  • On Board Computer installed
  • CocoMats floor and trunk mats


McLean, VA

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Posted: 4/26/2023 11:05:31 PM by Jon Martin

Seller sold his 318ti instead. Yay!

Posted: 4/19/2023 5:09:20 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $15,500 from $17,500 which is a deal with all the new parts and maintenance

Posted: 9/22/2022 9:39:59 AM by Jon Martin

The list of recent maintenance, fixes, and upgrades are about the longest I've seen in all these years. It's a great color combo too. The miles are higher but it's practically a new car. The seller is also a long-time coupe owner. I think this would make a great driver.

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